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Hospice & Palliative Care Today is a daily email summarizing numerous topics essential for understanding the current landscape of serious illness and end-of-life care.


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Hospice & Palliative Care Today

    Hospice & Palliative Care Today is made possible, in part, by the pioneering work produced by Mark Cohen as Editor & Publisher of our predecessor publication, Hospice News Today—the essential daily news and issues management briefing for hospice and palliative care leaders and advocates.
    Mark began publishing a daily newsletter that became Hospice News Today in October 2012 to support the work of a then-new not-for-profit, Caring Foundations, that was organized to develop a model for mission-driven, community-based hospices to thrive in an ever-consolidating healthcare world. When Caring Foundations was unable to continue its work in early 2015, Mark continued to publish the newsletter—first for his strategic communications clients and later opening it up for subscribers from across the serious illness and end-of-life care sector.
    Through more than 4,000 issues (published 365 days a year), Mark sought to inform, broaden horizons, elevate emerging issues, and promote the integral role hospice and palliative care play in the healthcare continuum.
    While Hospice & Palliative Care Today has evolved from the subscription model Mark developed, we acknowledge that the product we’re able to put in front of readers each day is inspired by and guided by Mark’s vision, extensive knowledge of the field, and vast public relations experience.
    While he is no longer aggregating the news, Mark continues in his work as a strategic communications, marketing, and public relations consultant for providers and vendors in the post-acute community. Mark can be reached via email at mbcohen@mindspring.com or by phone at 305.613.1969.
    Hospice & Palliative Care Today was founded in 2023 and formally began continuing Mark’s work on Hospice News Today in January 2024.
    As during Mark’s tenure as editor & publisher, we welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions for improvement.
    We trust that you continue to put your trust in Hospice & Palliative Care Today.
Thank you, Mark.


Random Parting Thoughts from Mark Cohen
    Mark has written several Random Parting Thoughts on media coverage, issues management, and the hospice community. We appreciate his thoughtfulness and wisdom on these topics, and please find them here.